Georgie Aldaco

Hi, I'm Georgie.
I'm a comedy writer/performer at the UCB Theatre in NY (FAMBLY, Former Business Partners, Ripley).
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Here is a sketch I wrote for Ripley’s January show. It features all of Ripley including Dan Black (who now lives on a surfboard in LA) and Darren Miller (who sells said surfboards).

Watch "Overalls Shopping" on YouTube

Here’s a sketch I wrote for Ripley’s March show that Maggie Ross, Carrie Mc Crossen, Caroline Cotter, Zach Broussard, and Ken Beck shot out the park (baseball reference). I loved watching these nerds do this. They’re great! Oh ad Ben Wietmarschen directed the socks off this! (Baseball reference)

Zach Broussard is a very funny man, and extremely good sport who was willing to get on skateboard at a public skatepark for a sketch I wrote for Ripley’s most recent Maude night. Guys, there were TEENAGERS at this park and he STILL did it. Total pro. The rest of the sketch will come later, but watch Zach be a rad dad for now, right now!

Oh also, Alex Song came too because she’s also a good sport. Alex, are you on Tumblr I don’t know! 

Man, I wish sax solos were still a popular thing in songs…


"Men’s Thanksgiving"

A new short film by me, Pat O’Brien, George Kareman and Director Tom Levin.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh man, I really love this so much! Love, love, love! Watch, watch, watch!

Oh yeah- one more thing: WATCH THIS!!!!!


Kate’s Craft Corner - Quality Paper Bag Drapes

Are you having trouble sleeping? Kate will help by teaching you how to make Quality paper Bag Drapes!

Watch in HD!

I love all of these so much! Watch watch watch, then eat or something. What a good day you will have!



Top Memories From Our 9 Month Run at UCB Chelsea:

-Just the chilling out backstage with our show beers, talking about hopes, dreams, and diq.

-Pre-show snacks: Haribo gummy bears, and Georgie’s plain noodles or rice that she never shared but I was always intrigued by

-Georgie and Katie…

Tonight is your last chance to catch FORMER BUSINESS PARTNERS: EVERYTHING MUST GO! Come watch before we go to our summer home to relax, find ourselves, and subsequently drown in the lake! 8PM TONIGHT!!!

Maximum Yuks: An Open Letter to My Improv Team, Former Business Partners


Yesterday you guys said that centipedes were indigenous to the wetlands and rainforest, not found in North America. I believed you, because I wanted to believe you. YOU LIED.

You said that centipede bites are dangerous, because centipedes are like scorpions, and a single bite from a predatory…

Danielle lives in a swamp and is learning so much about bugs. Former Business Partners is very proud of Danielle.